Friday, September 23, 2016

It's NOT Running Energy!

It's NOT Running Energy! ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of the most challenging adjustments I had, when shifting my reality from my old ways of doing things to this new experience of Consciousness, was that it wasn't running energy.

My early training taught me to run earth energy and cosmic energy, and Gold Christforce energy. Years later I took a Reiki workshop, that focused on universal life force energy.
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope "Pillars of Creation"

I loved running energy. The very first workshop I took, in July of 1981, I felt exhilarated. Running earth and cosmic energy through my body felt more real to me than breathing, or blood running though my veins and arteries.

It was really quite disorienting for that all to go away.

Not that it has totally disappeared. It's still an option. Just like using a wired landline phone is still an option.

When I try to run energy in the old way, it feels different. Pixellated. But it no longer has the density it used to.

What's replaced it? Well, temporarily, WiFi. Wireless frequencies. It doesn't have the sense of flow. It doesn't have the sense of direction. It can seem more random.

I say temporarily, because I am also playing with, developing, a different technique for being in the physical body. When I use it, I'm instantly centered (yet not in one location) and instantly clear. Pain goes away.

At this point your rational mind might be going, "what the heck is she talking about?" Or, "if she's not running energy, she's ungrounded and out of her body". Because, you know, pain makes the body real and if you're not in pain, you mustn't be in your body.

What the heck am I talking about? I'm talking about being energetically aware and present in the body. People who exercise are aware of their physical body. People who practice grounding or earthing experience being in their body. We're all noticing something changing but we have different ways of explaining it. Some folks are saying their DNA is changing.

Am I ungrounded and out of my body? I was so rigorous about my former practice that I viewed being ungrounded as a cardinal sin. My past self would definitely have judged my present self as ungrounded.

Now I feel that I'm not tethered to that old, denser reality. But I'm anchored in the body (just got the image of a docking station within). And when I use my new Consciousness Techniques I'm instantly within my body yet it feels light and expansive.

Someone at one of my meetups, who was used to grounding through Martial Arts, said he felt 'buoyant' when wirelessly connecting.

This is so different, it's disconcerting at first. Why do this? What possible benefit can there be? How can you manifest anything if you're floating around? Aren't you disconnected from reality?

It reminds me of when we first started going on line, email was a brand new thing, and then billboards and trucks started displaying www.websites What was the point? The internet was an ephemeral concept. And then we had ebooks. And then we started storing photographs on line instead of printing them out.

Using Consciousness Techniques, you're able to bring a lot more of your Essence into your body. You're able to bring in a lot more of your information (from the "Cosmic Internet").

We're operating at a higher level of awareness.  Physical reality isn't ceasing to exist, but existing in a different way. Like going from old Disney cellular cartoons to Pixar.

I invite you to "upgrade" your old techniques, and you'll see what I mean.

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