Friday, September 16, 2016

Regaining Power From the Unconscious

Regaining Power From the Unconscious ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I watched a YouTube video where the speaker was telling folks to respect their shadow side, acknowledge that it is powerful, and that it is conscious. It was a long video and that's a very loose interpretation of many things they said.

It made me go 'Hmmmm."  Because I hadn't thought of the shadow as being conscious before. However, everything is a creation of Consciousness. Therefore the shadow is a creation of Consciousness, but not all of it is Aware.

We have people acting unconscious, without awareness. Shadow is the unaware aspect of Consciousness. When we operate as our body personalities, without awareness, we operate as our Shadow selves, we are influenced by Shadow.

So it's all Consciousness and some is more sentient than others but what would it be like to behave as if it is all sentient? It seems to me as if the pain body is less sentient, gremlins aren't sentient but inner kids are there's definitely a sentience to the shadow thoughts but a impish level.
photo by Sannse

This morning as I was walking my dog and musing over today's topic, I said out loud to myself "Everything is Consciousness but not everything is Sentient", and instantly everything around me became alive. I was aware of the honeysuckle beside me. I felt the apple tree. All of it communicated with me.

When you're communicating with the sentience of a rock that is one thing, but ultimately you're communicating with Consciousness.

What about Gremlins and Pain Bodies? When people are listening to their Gremlins (their automatic negative thoughts) and when people are acting as their Pain Bodies, they're acting unconsciously. Unconscious is acting not of the higher mind. Unconscious is acting from their patterns, acting without free will, acting from their fears. Unconscious is attacking and wounding and tromping over folks and being abusive.

The problem when you engage with the shadow side, it has succeeded. If you're in a conversation with it you have given it power. The trick isn't to ignore it or suppress it, that doesn't make it go away.

Even though it's a creation of Consciousness and you are Consciousness, it's helpful to not identify the voice in your head that you've been responding to unconsciously as you, it helps to put it outside of yourself or characterize it. When those doubts, fears, anxieties come up, you can respond differently to them.

Regaining power from the unconscious means you can respond to them from authority, from seniority, with confidence. As Consciousness.

They are seeking a parent and you can be your own parent.

What if it comes across as threatening or critical? When you respond as Consciousness, you are your own authority figure. Again, you don't fight or engage with them, that feeds them energy.

The story of "NO" - I worked with women from a domestic violence support group. Several had been out of from the abusive marriages for almost two years. One woman recognized she still carried the abuser as a gremlin voice inside her. She still entered their homes in fear that she'd be attacked for leaving the toilet paper roll hanging the wrong way.

When that voice arose in her, she came up with the "STOP" hand gesture and she'd say "NO" and the gremlin went away. It was funny when it came up when she was in water walking class. And eventually she did it to her ex-husband when they were talking during a supervised visit with their child. It stopped him, and was a turning point in her life.

I just realized that even the title of this article, Reclaiming Power From The Unconscious, isn't entirely accurate. It's operating on the level of taking your energy back from it, taking your energy back from the places you've left it. Taking your energy back from past lives, from contracts with others.

All of that is old paradigm.

New paradigm is shifting focus. Shift your focus off the past, off of others, off of everything outside of you. The title of this post should be Return Your Attention To You, as Consciousness.

Drop your focus on those other things. Shift your focus to You, as Consciousness, and you've instantly regained power.  Not just shift your focus to Consciousness because that can end up being outside yourself, into the old paradigm of divinity and other things being more powerful that you.

Bring your focus to the present moment, bring your awareness to yourself as Consciousness and you're instantly in a different space.

Very subtle, very profound, very powerful.

Try this, anytime you think of it, this week, and watch your life transform!

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