Friday, August 15, 2008

Letting Your Expanded Self Steer

©2008 Joan M Newcomb
I've been experimenting with letting my Expanded Self take the helm, which is a little different interpretation than 'Letting Go and Letting God', or turning it over to a Higher Power.

I *am* my Expanded Self. Long ago I learned that only about 20% of myself manifests through my physical form. That means the remaining 80% of me is non-physical. Now I see it as a progression of vibration from the highest (Spirit/Source) to the densest (Persona/Body). At Findhorn I heard it described as God Self, meaning that the essence of You is God.

Sometimes this means just going about my day in a highly aware state, with all my choices and actions intuitively driven. Some days things aren't so clear, which is when it's good to relax and let my Expanded Self make it happen.

A couple of examples - the other day I driving onto the ferry. Most of the cars on the dock were in one lane; it didn't open up to two lanes until several yards before the loading ramp. As I drove up there, the left lane was completely empty. I knew from prior experience that at that point it's okay to move over to the empty lane, but for some reason I couldn't make up my mind to do it. So I sat with the feeling of indecision as I boarded the boat. At that moment, the ferry worker directing my side of the traffic pointed at me and gestured me to move into the left lane.

My Expanded Self had decided for me. Afterwards, when I was driving off the boat on the other side, I realized it was better for me to be in this lane; I had to turn left when I got off the dock anyway!

A similar thing happened in a meeting a couple of weeks ago. There was a lot of people present and I'm conscious that there's not enough time for everyone to share, so I usually don't talk. But I had that same feeling of indecision, so I sat with it until there came a break in the conversation and I found myself speaking. My Expanded Self had chosen!

It's really a matter of trust. Trusting my Expanded Self is on my side (it is me, after all) and has my best interest at heart. Therefore, everything that is unfolding is beneficial to me.

It's amazing what happens when you have this awareness. People and things pop into your personal hologram in the most entertaining way or for the most amusing reasons. People *exit* your hologram and circumstances change in surprising ways as well. It feels like having the most talented screenwriter/ director creating your life. Which you do, since it's You. Life stops being a soap opera and starts being a romantic comedy (or action-adventure, whichever you prefer).

Reality becomes something to enjoy, to savor, and to take deep pleasure in. But it's not something that batters you about or tosses you like a leaf upon the ocean.

Realize that it's not about putting your life on cruise control, but rather letting the greater aspect of You take the wheel. Change happens faster, more effortlessly, and with greater possibilities than you (the 20% part of you) can imagine.

So I invite You to try it, and see what happens!

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