Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morphic Fields

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Recently I’ve been seeing things as patterns, patterns in the morphic field. We are all energy, our physical bodies are dense energy, our personalities and emotions are less dense but still detectable, our spiritual/essence energy is more diffuse, but if you imagine seeing everything as electrons, or simply ’energy’, that’s what it all is.

We exist in morphic fields, which are unseen but definitely felt. Energy patterns will waft through our reality, affecting our feelings and behavior as well.

Groups have morphic fields, which will include different roles. People within groups have the option (note I said ‘option') of stepping into these roles - although they usually find themselves doing so unconsciously. If you have a matching resonance (experience) with the role, you’ll find yourself playing it within the group. When you start to be more conscious in the world, you realize you have the option of *not* playing that role, and can watch with amusement as someone else takes it on.

Recently I visited my mother, and noticed the energy within her house as very distinct and slow moving. She’s rented her place for at least twenty years, and retired about eleven years ago. Any place that’s been occupied for a long time will have a settled energy, and it’s even more so in my mother’s house.

Diseases have morphic fields, and dysfunctional families do, too. Western medicine has a morphic field. Years ago I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid. The standard procedure at the time was a hysterectomy. I felt like I was being railroaded to a having one, and it took quite a bit of effort to step out of the energy flow. When I did, new possibilities appeared, my symptoms stopped and now everything is normal, all without surgery or medication.

Family patterns are morphic fields(also known as miasms). People from certain backgrounds will keep finding family patterns arising in new relationships or in the workplace as they haven't completely cleared themselves of the energy of their history.

The acceleration of energy at this time is lighting up these denser patterns, making them more obvious. Having just been in Washington DC, it was interesting to notice and learn, from talking to people who work and live there, how the impending changes have been effecting them.

If you’re strongly attached to your patterns, if you believe them to be real, it’s going to be more painful and difficult to let them go. Seeing them simply as patterns makes it much easier.

I was talking to a fellow Matrix practitioner who is also a local government worker in Virginia. She kept saying how "bad" the energy is there exhibiting a definite lack of neutrality! So I looked at the government energy around DC and say it as white and metallic shapes. Not comfortable to me but not “bad”.

Non resistance helps you drop these energy patterns within you and also keeps you from magnetically attracting them into your life! When you are in a space of non-resistance and no-effort, it's as if your molecules separate and theses energies pass through you as easily as wind through a screen door!

As we approach the holidays, morphic fields around family, and traditions will arise. I invite you to practice neutrality by finding a way to be detached and amused, as if it's all a movie. See how different your experience is this year!

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