Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Divine Interventions

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Cameron Diaz was once asked about the ending of a relationship she'd had and she said, "I don't have breakups; I have Divine Interventions"!

Much of my life since age 14 has been self-directed, and yet at times certain things will occur that totally send me on a different path. Psychiatrists deciding at age 16 I should not live at home, a boyfriend getting hit by a car at age 19, a schedule change at work leading to total burnout at 35, discovery of a secondary addiction in a relationship at 38... Things outside of my control, or contributing to a 'final straw', and shortly afterward my world is transformed.

I think about how this relates to Free Will vs. Divine Will. Free Will gives us each the ability to create our reality and to use Law of Attraction to manifest what we desire. However, I notice that my manifestations are effortless when my personal Will is aligned with the higher Will. When I'm attuned with the Infinite, then I'm in agreement with this higher Will; I want what It wants for me. When I'm trying to manipulate or control my surroundings, make things better because they currently suck, it's more like I'm spinning my wheels in the mud than really moving forward on my path.

Which makes me conclude that really it's my Expanded Self, my inner Divinity, that's really running the show.

I do get the picture It's looking over us like an adult watching toddlers in the playground. They can fall and get bruises, they can get stuck on the slide or be sad there's no seats left on the swings, but It won't intervene unless it's time to go do something else.

What would it be like to just relax in the knowledge that one's Expanded Self is really overseeing everything, bringing to us exactly what we need in the moment? We could be free to play in this playground 'Earth' going on whatever ride we want to, knowing that when it's time to do something else, our Expanded Self will redirect us.

Instead of having to struggle to pay the mortgage or resolve your relationship with your mother, what if you just did what you felt motivated to do in the moment? And trust that if you to do something else, you'd be doing it. Big, invisible hands would pick you up and put you in another part of the playground. The phone would ring and your mother would be morphed into someone really nice to talk to!

I see this world as a virtual reality game for an Infinite Consciousness wanting the experience of being the opposite of what it is. Each of us *is* that Consciousness, and whatever we're doing or being or feeling is providing great enjoyment and pleasure for our Expanded Self. We can't make mistakes or do something wrong, because it's all part of the game.

When you relax into that awareness, your reality completely changes. Interesting synchronicities occur as validation by your Expanded Self you're on the right track. At first there may be some (or a lot of) discomfort as the old limitations and restrictions fall away, but pretty soon you're in alignment/agreement with Consciousness and it becomes a delicious ride!

So, try this out for the next week. Maybe take baby steps - don't quit your job or stop paying your bills unless you're really strongly motivated to! But perhaps take a day this weekend or moments of time over the next few days and approach your life playfully, trusting your Expanded Self to do the driving. See what happens - you may find yourself having a lot of fun!

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