Thursday, February 12, 2009

Truth vs. Distortions

©2009 Joan M. Newcomb

I'm in an expansion experience unlike anything I've previously encountered. After 28 years on a conscious spiritual path, that's saying something. Last week I was driving into Seattle and had the sensation of being aware, telepathically, of all the different vibrations of the place, and the people in it.

It's a little bit like suddenly noticing all the musical parts of an orchestral piece, whereas before you just heard it as a nice song or catchy melody. Suddenly being able to discern the violas from the violins, or a euphonium from a flugelhorn. (I looked that last pair up; I just wanted another close analogy and couldn't think of any).

And it's fascinating is to see patterns of interaction with great clarity. It's like walking around with an enormous light emanating from inside my head (which, I guess, is what's happening). You could say it's like seeing things through the eyes of Truth.

Truth is simple. Truth is clear. Truth is non-judgmental. Truth feels neutral, or relaxed, or balanced. Truth just is.

Distortion is complicated. Distortion is, well, warped. Distortion takes sides, is good or bad, is very dramatic. Distortion feels tense, uncomfortable, painful, ungrounded. Distortion just isn't.

It's very interesting to have a conversation with someone who is triggered or struggling, because they're in a distorted pattern. Another way to say it is that they're viewing things through smudgey windows or warped slides. But it's more three dimensional than that. Sometimes it's hard to make eye contact because they're looking at their pictures rather than you. Their face is different, it doesn't really look like them. They have a very good story or reason for their reality, but it's part of what is causing the distortion.

I'm finding if I keep looking clearly at them, not react to their story, but ask simple questions, Truth starts to emerge again. You see the light in their eyes, they feel hopeful, they see possibilities, they start to get unstuck. They reconnect to their own inner Wisdom, the Essence of who they are radiates from their face.

It's a bit like being Byron Katie, doing the Work, asking the four questions and a turnaround (except the questions don't emerge like that).

(It just occurred to me that Byron Katie is in town this weekend; she's having a free evening tomorrow. Go to for more info).

It's also interesting to notice the little voice inside my own head that wants to regain Distortion into my reality. It reminds me of Jill Bolte Taylor in her book A Stroke Of Insight. After a stroke, it took a couple years for that inner 'gremlin' to start talking again, by which time she'd abided in her own Expansive Truth so long that she didn't take it seriously. Being a scientist, she described it as a small clusters of cells in the left side of her brain. These cells organize, they remind you to get your dry cleaning or that you're running low on milk. However they can also take two unrelated facts and make up whole stories about them. Paying attention to them encourages the story telling. Letting them make decisions for you is a sure way to turn your life into a FunHouse of mirrors.

You don't have to have a stroke in order to get in touch with Truth. Just start noticing what feels clear, and what doesn't. Notice if the story is dramatic, or is it simple. Notice if it feels light, or dark.

You may be feeling both things at once. If you're going through a particularly intense expansion period - say you've lost your job - you may be feeling relieved, lightheaded, and hopeful, and the same time completely freaked out about how you're going to pay your mortgage. The Expanded part of you sees the growth opportunity and recognizes the freedom of choice you have now. The little cluster of cells is pushing the panic button and telling you to go work at McDonald's just to get a job *right away*.

Trust your Expanded Self, and you'll find yourself in a better place down the line. Truth leads to more Truth, clarity to more clarity.

So start where you are now, and notice what feels clear. Steer your thoughts that way. Do this moment by moment, and you'll find yourself coming out of the darkness and into the Light.

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