Friday, September 17, 2010

Fear and Anxiety

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

Just read a post on Facebook that CFL lights are bad for you; it produces "dirty electricity" that can affect diabetics and people with asthma.  They recommended LED lights instead.  And I thought, yeah, until they find something wrong with them, as well!

It's always something.  If you're not ingesting mercury while eating omega-fatty-acid rich salmon, you're getting skin cancer from vitamin D producing sunlight.  The world is a scary place and we're not going to make it out of here alive!

The truth is, your physical body isn't going to make it out of this lifetime alive, and it's your body that's most attached to survival.  The expanded aspect of You is immortal, and doesn't take such things so seriously.

What's really hilarious is that fear and anxiety cause physical problems that can shorten your lifespan!  Worry about that, why don't you?!

An acronym of fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  We perceive the world through our mental image pictures that have emotions attached to them.  The body's core concern is survival and so it's first question before trying anything new is, 'is this going to kill me'?  When change happens, or even considering change happening, the body can run a storyline out that can falsely conclude that it will die if such and such happens.

You lose your job or relationship.  Immediately the body things that there will never be another job or relationship.  You will die penniless and unloved.  Body sees only limitation and the end of things.

You, the Essence of You, sees expansion.  You lose your job or relationship, You know there will be a better job or relationship right around the next corner.  You will be happier than you were before. 

Anxiety is paralyzing.  You can't think of solutions and can't take actions.  And for nearly every single thing that you're anxious about, it isn't going to kill you.  Even AIDS and cancer isn't necessarily going to kill you - there are people living with both for years. 

If your body is your vehicle, and You as Essence is the driver, when you're experiencing fear, you're viewing life from sitting on the bumper.  Bring your attention back to You, into your center (your "driver's seat"), and you can start to see clearly again.

One helpful way to regain perspective is to talk to your body as Your Expanded Self.  You can reassure it and comfort it.  You can be your own parent.   Taking charge of the dialogue in your head can open your eyes to infinite possibilities out there.  It's very empowering to do this!
This planet was created to be one of dichotomies.  It's meant to be the opposite of Us, the opposite of Expanded, Infinite, Joyous, Immortal, and Unlimited.  Bodies have a myriad of emotions, a limited life span, aches and pains.  If it all were a total immersion virtual game (which it is), the program would have deliberate limitations built into it.  Any time you bust loose from one area, another area will come up to work on.  "If it ain't one thing, it's something else"!

When you shift your perspective from your body/personality to Your Essence, then the game becomes fun.  Limitations don't bother you.  You immensely appreciate all of it, the beautiful and the ugly.  Your amused at the news and the weather reports.  Someone shares with you something terrible happening with them and you congratulate them (for being so capable as to have created that in their storyline).  You Love it all.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to start recognizing your fearful pictures for what they are - just pictures.  And notice how much they're reinforced by advertising and news and relatives and friends.  Change how you talk to yourself in your head and how you respond to your body.

Try this for the next seven days and see how quickly things change for the better!

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