Friday, September 10, 2010

Growing up!

(c) 2010 Joan Newcomb

All this talk of 2012 and the expansion of Consciousness really means that we are growing up.  We're no longer powerless little minions at the mercy of a jealous and vengeful God.  However, we are also no longer beloved children of a benevolent Father.  Both of those phases were how we as personalities with physical forms perceived our relationship with Consciousness.

This planet is a wonderful playground and Consciousness has been experimenting with it's vehicles and it's terrains for millennia.  I imagine the dinosaurs as early bumpo cars, and our current bodies as computerized racers.

It's easier for Consciousness to embody our present forms, which is why we've made such strides in both technological creations and in societal awareness.  More and more people are 'getting it', little sparks of light are turning on all over the world.  Old interactions, wars and conflicts between nations, are giving away to a global economy, an interconnectedness between us all. 

Technology is just our physical attempts to replicate Spirit.  Flight, because as Spirit we can go places quickly (actually be everywhere at once), phone/email/im replicates telepathy.  The internet mimics the akashic records.  And social media is getting pretty close to unity consciousness. 

So if God isn't throwing frogs and hurricanes at us, and our Father isn't mad at us because we're so bad and sinful, what's really going on?

We're at the new stage of awareness, where God isn't outside us, but within us.  This has been talked about for centuries but now the majority of us are 'getting it'.  We don't have to go down to the corner store to use their phone by cranking a handle and talking to an operator, and we don't have even stay at home to make a call.  We all have an inner modem/cell phone to connect with Consciousness.  God is inside us.  God *is* Us.

Growing up requires us to step up in responsibility.  We can't blame what's happening in our reality to outer circumstances, because We are the Creators.  However, that doesn't mean blaming ourselves.  That means blame isn't even in the picture. 

Growing up requires a change of perspective.  It's not that it's easier for Consciousness to embody us.  It's easier for Us to embody form.  We are Consciousness, and we created our body/personality forms to manifest through.

We're not the bumpo car nor the racer, nor the computer nor the cell phone.  We're the Internet, the energy that makes them go, the information that runs them.

How does that change your reality, when you look at your life that way?  You are a lot bigger than your problems, You are a lot bigger than your individual life!

One of thing things that's been happening as people lose their jobs and their life savings, is they're losing huge chunks of their identities. We're all feeling aspects of ourselves falling away, and it's really uncomfortable. But that's because we're expanding beyond our self-images to our Greater Self.

This week, start looking at your life as Consciousness instead of your small self. How does this change your perspective of your problems? How does Consciousness perceive your finances? Your relationships? Your career choices?

As Consciousness, suddenly the economy is no big deal.  It's just an amusing challenge.  Death and illness, pain and struggle, aren't so miserable from Consciousness point of view.  It's all really quite exciting. 

As Consicousness, there aren't limitations, there are options and opportunities.  And there aren't other people giving you a hard time, there are actors you have cast to enhance your story!

There's tremendous freedom when you view Yourself as Consciousness.  There are no mistakes, they're all experiences.  You can start thinking outside the box, improvising off the script. 

Try this for a week and see how your life transforms!

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