Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Bigger Picture ©2006 Joan M. McCabe

The Bigger Picture ©2006 Joan M. McCabe

Your life is a movie, created by you. You call in the players, determine whether it’s a drama or a comedy, and continue to write the story plot as you progress through your life. I think of the people who’ve come and gone within my own life as cast members, some have non-recurring roles, some occasionally guest star in intermittent episodes.

In movies on the screen, the bad guy is just an actor whose been hired to do the role. They play the villain, terrorize the victim, get shot by the good guy, and afterwards when the filming has stopped, everyone gets up, takes off their makeup, shakes hands and goes out for drinks.

And, believe it or not, the same thing happens in real life.

In the spiritual realm, there are no ethics, no right or wrong, no good or bad, no black and white. We come from this non-physical environment of complete acceptance and neutrality, jump into the physical realm to experience such things as density, effort, emotions, dichotomies, contrast, time, and space, learn a bit about how to navigate through such things, how to manifest into form, and then when we’re done we climb back out and into the pool of light and love.

Actually, we’re already there at the same time we’re in the physical realm, it’s just that our physical parts can’t easily comprehend both states at once. Our essential selves can – our essential selves Know that we’re continuously connected in both worlds.

Think of how being aware in this larger way can completely change your view of reality! People who you don’t like are simply cast members of your own show. Situations you don’t like are simply scenarios that you’ve written into your life-script through your own thoughts and beliefs.

I’m in the midst of planning my wedding, and my intention is that it be a healing experience, a coming together of family and friends, a celebration of love and joy and all good things in life. I’ve made steps in this direction by connecting with my fiancé’s family, and by connecting him with mine, and by connecting our mothers with each other, so that even though half of us live on opposite coasts, we’ll have a sense of getting along and good feelings with each other before all meeting before the event.

When compiling the guest list, I automatically invited a family member ‘because it was the right thing to do’ even though it didn’t ‘feel’ right. This person played the role of abuser in our family, terrorizing everyone and their behavior hasn’t really changed, it’s just less frequent as we don’t all live together any more.

When I received his letter responding to the invitation, I didn’t open it for three days, because I like to time when I’m going to be upset (I had clients to meet with, a class to teach, readings to give, and I like to be in a clear emotional space when doing these things).

As it turned out, they’re choosing not to attend my wedding, which is a great relief! Stepping back, I see that my fiancé and I have set an energy of love and community that hasn’t attracted someone who lives in a different vibratory level.

Stepping back even more and viewing the Bigger Picture, this person is actually a being of light that I was really excited about interacting with when my light came into physical form within this family grouping. They, however, already had accumulated an amount of contrast and disharmony and so our lights never really connected. Some years ago I realized that they never would during this lifetime. And that it was okay, because at the end of this film, when the cameras stop rolling, we’ll all get out of costumes and makeup and go out for drinks. On some level, we are doing that already.

My experience with people who have already passed is that I connect with their essence, not their personality. They become easier to talk with (even if they’re harder to hear). So it is with anyone in now physical form with challenging issues; we can talk about it after the cameras have stopped rolling.

I no longer see this world as a school with required lessons to learn in order to progress up through spiritual grade levels or hold the belief that if you don’t learn specific lessons you have to repeat the class again. That’s a very linear perception of spiritual reality. Not every issue needs to be resolved in this life time and it doesn’t necessarily carry over to any future life.

Life is about fine-tuning one’s focus and bringing desires into form. The only purpose any of us have is to create. I’m choosing to navigate into more pleasant experiences of reality, and I’m also at choice with whom I have as cast members in my Reality Show.

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