Friday, January 14, 2011

Dead People Aren't Gone

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

The other morning, just before I was quite awake, someone who died a few years back came into my Consciousness.  I had an interaction with him (couldn't call it a conversation as no words were exchanged).  I felt his energy/presence.  I identified who it was.  I got the impression from him that he had been pleased by a gift I had given him.

As I was just waking up, I couldn't remember how I'd given the gift to him.  I could only remember that he'd directed a play I was in during a significant time for me.  Much later I discovered he'd been diagnosed with cancer at the same time, which he'd struggled with for years afterwards.

I remembered the gift, and that I'd gotten it in England, but I hadn't gone to England while I was in that play.  Then I recalled another play he'd directed... but it wasn't then, either.  Finally I uncovered my first memory with him, a class at our local Arts Center.  *That* was when I went to England and gotten him the little book of Shakespearean insults...

Then there was an impression of his house, but I hadn't ever been there.  And then I realized I must have gone there for a cast party, I can't remember which one.

The interaction went on for a while, as I 'felt' him in my Consciousness.  It was different than when I do readings.  When I read for others, I do it visually, so it's removed from me.  This had no boundaries, it moved in and out.  It brought up things I hadn't remembered.  It was emotional and intimate.

It's a new level of awareness for me, with people who have passed.

What I know is that the dead aren't gone.  They're still There.  They've just disappeared from view, but not from Consciousness.  I like to say that they're easier to talk to, just harder to hear.  You have to use senses other than your ears and eyes to get impressions from them.

I also know they appreciate being acknowledged and communicated with.  You're not crazy if you talk with dead people.  And if you write down the impressions you feel you're being given by them, when you read it later you know you couldn't have possibly made it up!

In my sphere of friends and acquaintances, several people have died recently, or are in the process of dying.  I did Matrix for several of them.  It didn't change their dying, but perhaps changed their experience of it.

When you shift to the other side, there are no ethics about death.  There is no good or bad.  It's easier to perceive with animals, but is the same for humans.  There is no time on the non-physical, so how many years old you were when you passed has no significance.

There's also a release of energy when you pass.  I noticed it most significantly when Princess Diana died, her light really did circle the globe.  And recently, I read about a brilliant street photographer whose 100,000 photographs weren't discovered until after she died.  While she was in personality, she wouldn't have shared them with anyone.  Once she died, her life's work-energy-creativity was released into the world.

What interferes with communication with the other side is our own grief and preconceived notions about death.  If you believe they cease to exist, it invalidates their existence! 

Grieving is a natural reaction, our body's response to death.  Our body is very attached to this physical reality, because *it* isn't going to make it out of this lifetime alive!  Our body needs to release all that energy, emotion, mourn the loss of the physical connection.  As you grieve, you clear the blocks to feeling/sensing/being aware of the Being who you love.

This is all a creation of Consciousness (who You are at your most expanded level).  It's deliciously complex and simple at the same time.

I invite You to be bigger than you are, and for Reality to be vaster than you can imagine.  Open your awareness to the unseen and the non-physical, and notice how much richer your life becomes!

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