Friday, January 20, 2012

Are We All One?

(c)2012 Joan M. Newcomb

Imagine if you were watching a classic Star Trek rerun.  How interesting would it be if Leonard Nimoy played all the parts?  Spock, Captain Kirk, Sulu, Uhura(!), Bones, Scotty...  Or if William Shatner were Checkov and Nurse Chapel and a Romulan...

Yeah, pretty boring.  Not the same. 

It takes individuality to make things interesting.  Every person on this planet emits their own unique personality which adds to the storyline, making a really interesting intertwining of plots, a fascinating repertoire of plays and players, a cast of 7 billion on 192 channels around the planet.

People following a spiritual path will hear "we are all One", and then interpret it to mean you are me, I created you, or even that person isn't real because this is all my illusion.  It's a pretty one dimensional
way to view things.

"But it's a hologram, that's why it looks 3 dimensional!"  They will say.

Not exactly.  A hologram is a 3-D image scattered and reconstructed in 2-D.  It's the same as saying, this world is our projection.

Within our physical form, we have a picture-making machine that we can create "slides" to view the world through, which is viewing the world through our projections.  And, operating on a thought-level, we can create our reality by focusing enough energy on a particular idea (that's the premise behind The Secret).

This physical creation is much more complex than that.  Break everything down to pure energy, you can sense there are denser configurations than others.  Some of these configurations vibrate quickly, some slowly.  Some configurations move, some remain still.  If you move your consciousness out of your form, you can travel through all these vibrations.  And the vibration is evolving and cycling as well.

But we're trying to explain it from the limitations of form.  We're trying to understand it from the limitations of personality.  And we're kinda missing the point.

It's all manifested by a creative Source, and We are that bright energy, that appears to be individual sparks within individual form.  If you look within each form, whether it's a blade of grass, a person, or a chair, it contains that spark.  Chairs don't have personality or a measurable lifespan, but it's made up of a vibratory structure we currently call cells, molecules, etc.

And we're still missing the point.  As Essence (or Source) we created the physical because it has all these wonderful differences.  We created a linear timeline, dichotomies, differences, because it is fun and interesting.

We try to become "more" spiritual by dismantling our ego or transcending our emotions.  We can't be more spiritual because we *are* Spirit.  As Spirit, we don't need improvement, we don't need to learn anything.  In the storyline, our bodies need to grow and learn, our personalities develop and mature.  We don't expand, because we're already Expansiveness.  It feels like expanding when we align with Who We Are.

So, I am not you, you are not your friend, you didn't make them up, your mother isn't your creation, although the storyline is Your storyline, You cast everyone in it.  The focus, however, is on you within the story line.  And it helps to be as clear about your own vibration as possible.

If you feel every emotion that flows through your body, or every thought that flows through your head, is yours alone, you can become one big, messy blob of humanity.

For instance, I'm not here to merge with my mother.  I'm not here to create her storyline for her.  It doesn't help if we match emotions and thoughts, because then I'm 85 with Alzheimer's and Lung Cancer - except I don't remember either, and am bewildered about what's going on. 

It helps to discern what's your feelings from others, what are your ideas or impressions from others.  That way, You can step away from dysfunctional family patterns, religious programming, cultural conditioning.

All those are vibrational threads running through this energetic game, and when we're playing along those lines you can say there's no Free Will.  You can say we're all made up of so much pre-programmed information we have no choice in the matter.

Again, that's a personality seeing things through the limitation of the body level.

All through this topic I've been wanting to shift from the theatre analogy to music.  We're all different instruments, we're playing different melodies.  If you simply read the music and play along, it will come out into one harmonious symphony.  If you 'get' the musical thread, you can go jazz on the tune and improvise (that's your Free Will).  You can even choose to be dissonant (although sometimes that's part of the bigger pattern as well).

Bottom line, have fun with it all.  Focus on yourself, enjoy merging with others if you love them, enjoy not feeling their realities if their's suck.

We're not here to evolve back to the All That Is, it happens instantaneously when we die (and then we realize we were never separate after all).  We here to enjoy and savor every delicious moment, even the painful, dark and difficult.

Which is easier to enjoy when you notice what is you and what's not you.

So that's all you have to do this week, notice what's you, what's not you.  If you're feeling a feeling, notice if it's yours or someone else's.  You may have a matching experience, they may be grieving someone who's died, you may be helping someone die.  Your is managable, theirs is not.

Keep it simple, and your world will transform!

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