Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Will and Improv Life.

(c) 2012 Joan M. Newcomb

How can there be no free will?  If we're Infinite Beings, the Power & Presence of God, then of course we have free will.

People who tell you otherwise are operating from the perspective of their body personalities.  Body Personality is an organic interweaving of social and family programming, moving through a sea of external programs.  Making a decision what to wear or what to eat flows through a complex web of influences.

If you try to impose your individual will on any circumstance, you'll get caught in that web.

As Essence, your energy is above and beyond all that.  It's the electricity flowing in and through those currents, but at any moment you can be a Tesla reaction, running without definition or form.

Operating as Essence, you can break out of those patterns and choose something new.  You can interrupt a habit or addiction, you can say no at the last minute, swerve to avoid a disaster, change lanes into a different experience.

When you choose to operate as Essence, your reality changes.  Things become random and unpredictable.  People in your storyline change as well.  Not because you're changing them, not because you're manipulating or controlling the storyline.  But because you're moving as a more expanded energy through this software program.

As Essence you can navigate the game differently.  You can be in this world but not of this world.  You can play the game but not be a player.  You can be fully immersed or fully detached.

Aligning your little will with the greater Will, You're in agreement with all that happens in Your hologram.  You don't fight the river, you enjoy the ride.

That isn't giving up Free Will (or negating it's existence).  It's exercising Free Will in every moment, every movement, every breath.  Life becomes Improv.  Each scene may have an overarching intention, but you're not restricted by the script or other players.

Don't fight the programming, don't fight the river.  But it's not You.  You always have choice.  And that's Free Will.

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Francis Cook said...

Somebody once told me that our most basic function is awareness. Being Spirit in a physical world we are to be aware of what is around us. The higher the awareness the higher your living style. Those with the greatest awareness lead others less aware. Perspective is everything. Free Will is the ultimate goal. You will see more of it in your life when you allow others to have it too.