Friday, September 21, 2012

Be Gentle With Yourself

©2012 Joan Newcomb

Most body/personalities find security in routine and comfort in the status quo.  This aspect dwells within the physical realm, which has walls and floors and ceilings.  It exists in the present, but remembers the past, so wants things to stay familiar.

Essence/Spirit loves growth and change.  This aspect exists beyond time and space and is temporarily enjoying the adventure of density and effort.  It's excited by new things, and seems to be leaning towards the future where all possibilities wait to be created.

The moment something is thought or desired, energy is set in motion to manifest it.  Whether it comes into physical form depends on a multitude of other threads of interaction.  Sometimes it requires focus, sometimes it requires letting go.

When Essence wishes an experience, it's already there.  Then body has to go through whatever it takes to catch up.  Sometimes it goes willingly, leaping and bounding towards the perceived goal.  Sometimes it whines, shuffles its feet and sucks its thumb.

Collectively we've stepped into a new level of reality, and body/personalities are, for the most part being dragged kicking and screaming towards it.

[Some are hopping up and down in anticipation, but their squeals of joy are drowned out by the whiners]

Ascension can be tough on bodies.  They only know what they've already lived through.  Facing the unknown can freak them out, make them feel like they're dying.

As Essence you can coax your body/personality self through this expansion.  Give it naps, chocolate, bubble baths, time in nature, snuggle time with loved ones (two or four legged).

Be gentle with yourself.  Be gentle with others.  It's a collective, planetary growth space.  It will get better.  If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, know that it is there.  At the other end is Joy.

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