Friday, March 22, 2013

Anchor points

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Over the years when I've done readings for couples, I've noticed two types of personalities tend to end up together.  One will have the ability to ground or settle in, and the other will have the ability to move forward and change.

At first I thought it was about creativity.  You'll find artists being very mercurial, always flitting to the next impulse, but having difficulty completing a piece.  I thought they needed someone to be their anchor point in order to bring their idea into form.

But people who anchor turn out to be enormously creative themselves, often at things that require one to sit and concentrate :)

Stepping back, it's a matter of energy flow and how one uses energy.  People who are strongly grounded, often feel mired down into their creations.  Their strength is in roots.

People who can leap towards the next spark of interest, often feel like helium balloons.  Their strength is in motion.

Together they're a tree, that benefits from reaching towards the sky as well as reaching into the ground.

We usually attract the opposite in order to balance ourselves out.  In truth, we have both abilities; the other person is an opportunity for us to enhance that trait within us.

I think we're always seeking anchors, as often as we seen inspiration.  Change is always happening, life seems to be throwing us never-ending curveballs, part of us is being propelled forward as part of us is racing to catch up.

Our body personalities are seeking security, to be taken care of, shelter and nourishment.  We want support and room to grow.

We look around trying to find something to hang on it, whether it is a relationship, a job, a house, a belief system.  We hold onto them, expect to rely on them.  However, time marches on, people grow old, relationships either grow together or apart, you outgrow jobs or they outgrow you, neighborhoods change, belief systems support you for only so long…

What stays constant when everything changes?

As with everything we seek, what is constant is inside.  We have different names for it: the still, small Voice Within, Inner Being, Source, Universe.  Outside is indicator; just as God is outside & within, trees, Nature, reflect that Energy to us.

What is *your* source of consistency?  How do you access it?

You'll find that all the material or external things you seek, are provided for when you tap into your genuine Source.

For the next 7 days, take some time each day to tune into Your inner wellspring of energy, whatever you call it, however you do it.  Try this for the next week, and see what happens!

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