Friday, March 29, 2013

Making Reality

©2013 Joan Newcomb

Whenever someone says 'have a nice day', I've interpreted it as a sort of blessing.  People have been wishing one another 'Good day' for centuries.  

Recently, I've seen people write "make it a great day"!  It makes me wince.  It feels manipulative.  The first thing I think of is the euphemism 'to make' as 'to make in one's pants'.  

I know they're coming from the "Seize the day", go out there and make something of it, perspective.  But it's more than the empowering notion that you create your reality, it's a directive to go out there and mold it to your will.

Really, what does making reality look like?  A little kid rolling bits of Play-do?  A carefully constructed vision board?  Or all out monetary accumulation?

There are many, many ways to create your reality.  You can use 'law of attraction-art of allowing', put your request out to the Universe and attract it to you.  You can use 'Ho-Opono-pono', softly chanting 'I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you' to clear, you can do 'The Work', questioning thoughts to dissolve distortions.  You can reclaim power from the hologram.  You can do nothing, and let reality happen to you.  They're all valid games to play in Density and Effort world.

People have been creating outside themselves and manipulating others for centuries as well.  People get stuck on forcing reality to match their perfect pictures.  Plastic surgeons thrive on them.  

'Having a nice day' vs 'making it a great day' is the difference between driving your car on the scenic route and flipping the road.  Why get out and repave?  Why not steer yourself towards your desired destination?   

Instead of enjoying the journey, we're frantically running away from imagined fear or physical pain.  We're scared of being impoverished, we're frightened of dying.  We're racing towards safety, security, abundance, and missing that it's around us at every moment.

Change your vibes and your reality changes.  When you relax into Now, everything is perfect, just as it is.  Feelings come and go, like clouds across the sun.  Situations pass, like weather systems.  

I wanted to complete this essay by saying 'create a nice day', because we are here to create, creativity feels good.  But even that sounds a bit pushy.  Be creative.  Be nice.  Be good.  Do or do not. 

Life is an interpretive dance, you can make up the steps, you can use ballet or modern jazz, you can lie still and enjoy the breeze.

Whether you create, or have, or make, it's all good.

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