Friday, April 5, 2013

Drama Free

©2013 Joan Newcomb

Today I read an interview with Jon Favreau, the youngest presidential speechwriter in history, who left the West Wing last month to focus on writing screenplays.  I was particularly struck by one thing he said about his former boss:

He's also this whole no drama thing - its really true. He's the last one on the whole staff to freak out about something. While we're all running around scared about this or that or some bad article came out or bad poll numbers, he's the one that's like "Guys, we got this. Its fine. Take the long view."
It reminded me of an important lesson I learned many years ago.  Don't react dramatically to anything, especially if it seems dramatic.

If it's dramatic, it's theater.  If it's calm, it's real.  You could almost say reality is boring, but it's not.  It's fascinating, it's exciting, it's interesting, it's delicious.  It's heartwarming, it's magnificent, it's awe-inspiring, it's lovely.  However, it's not dramatic.

The story our body/personality tells about reality is dramatic.  Our bodies aren't going to make it out of this lifetime alive, so they measure everything in terms of life and death.  Any major change indicates possible death, since our bodies only know what they're experiencing now, and what they have experienced since they were born.  Anything they haven't experienced yet, doesn't exist, and non-existence means they're gonna die!

Our personalities are part of our body reality.  They're picture books, or movies, of all of our experiences and projections, since we were conceived.  They can only embrace what's familiar, what they know, so they reject anything outside of those narrow perceptions.

Our Essence is so much bigger than our body personality.  As Essence, we exist beyond the storyline, we exist before our bodies were born, and after our bodies die. We exist outside of physical reality even while dwelling within it.  

If you're freaking out, if you're tossed on waves of emotion feeling out of control, if you think things are happening to you, your body is steering the boat.  If you think other people are trying to limit you, if you feel you have to control others in order to keep them from controlling you, your ego-personality is captain of the ship.

As Essence, you have the bigger picture, you know everything is ok.  Everything is going to balance out in the end.  All is very, very well.

When you lead from Essence, you're not just a boat on the water.  You *are* the ocean.  You are in the flow of life and you *are* the flow.  You're in agreement with everything that happens.

It's interesting to look around and see who is over reacting.  The ones who seem so powerful are the ones who are losing power.  Consciousness is moving forward, and that which is not evolving is dying.  People clinging to limiting beliefs feel like they are dying (when it's just their concepts disintegrating).

Feel compassion for them as they writhe in their discomfort.  Step out of the way as they (their beliefs) self-destruct.  

If you feel a wave of your own dramatic thoughts, stand still and breath until it passes.  If you don't feed them, they won't stay.

Truth is so much more enjoyable than fiction.  Put down the book and go play outside.

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