Friday, April 12, 2013

The You in U(inverse)

©2013 Joan M Newcomb

Many years ago I belonged to a spiritual organization.  I noticed, after a while, that people were only trained up to a certain level.  The result being that no one ever learned everything the top people knew.  

Later I visited a spiritual community in Europe, and noticed a similar trend.  It seemed to me that those with the most experience weren't sharing all of it as an odd sort of job security.  What if their students surpassed them?

So then I committed to teaching everything I knew, and led groups through a few years of classes.  What happened was unexpected.  It opened me up for the mind blowing experience of Matrix.  It was also extremely uncomfortable; I was so used to being an 'expert' in energy awareness.  Suddenly becoming a beginner again, my ego imploded.

So that's what happens, you release everything, you pass on all your knowledge, it expands the collective wisdom and propels you into new and greater growth.

As an individual, it's challenging enough.  For an organization, or the leader(s) of an organization?  So very difficult.  They've spent many years creating a structure for their system.  Giving all their information away, even to people within their company, threatens their perceived foundation.

And this is where businesses, communities, religions, corporations, countries, get stuck and start to stagnate.  They confuse stability with staying the same.  They confuse power with hierarchies. 

Sharing power increases it.  Giving knowledge compounds it.  In this paradigm, there are no competitors, only collaborators.  

It's a co-creative world.

It's all Consciousness, anyway. It's all U - for Universe.  Consciousness moving into form, Consciousness ascending, transcending, from form.  Breathing in and breathing out, the experience of Life.

But it's not all You, just as it's not all them, it's not all Me, nor is it our Father, nor any other filter defined by form.  

I once had an experience of falling into Consciousness.  I was walking in the woods and a song ran through my head.  I'd just had my heart broken and it was a tune I'd associated with that love.  Instead of pushing it aside, I let it play, and the feeling of Love expanded.  As it grew, I did not lose myself in it's expansion.  Instead, I became more clearly Me.  In an ocean of Love.

Some time later, after stepping out of an alcoholic relationship, I experienced being enveloped in Love for several months (which subsided when falling 'in love' in another relationship).  Even though I had all the same problems, I knew everything was very, very well.  During that time, even when something would happen that could have knocked me out of it, I was always able to come back to center.  It was an amazing feeling, one I imagine both Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie must exist in.

Tolle and Katie both suffered deep depressions, that tipped them over.  They each woke up one day and their personalities had shattered, replaced by what I am calling Love.  Each share their own way how to attain that sense.  Tolle exists in the Now, Katie questions every thought (illusion).

I spent some years seeking that Love experience again, and actually had a fleeting few weeks of it.  Each time, something different brought it on.  Each time, the feeling subsided when my focus shifted to seeking love in physical form.  

Although now, looking back, what ultimately brought it on was surrounding to it.  Being willing to fall through pain, heartache, depression, to the other side.  We're all navigating blind in this world, feeling our way (double entendre intended).  The 'right' choice brings us happiness.  (Hint: chasing illusions does not).

Tolle and Katie each lost their identity, and gained everything.

Whatever you are feel you are lacking, love, security, power, wealth, You already have - already are.  In a bigger way than you can possibly imagine. It's as if we're all stumbling through a house of mirrors.  Turning towards the image of what you think you need, you smash your face against the glass.  

We fear loss and yet in losing something we gain it's original form.  In the woods, I worried that if I fell into that sensation of Love, I would lose myself.  I worry that if I really tip over, the way Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie have, I will never be in a relationship again (yet each of them are married).  When I lost the house that my children were born in, and the land I felt I'd been a Steward of, I was told that I had the entire Planet to steward.  When I was the most poverty-stricken, I received the most miracles.

This world truly is an amusement park, a 'fun house' of mirrors.  Every person is a reflection, moving towards desire actually moves you away from it's attainment.  Standing still and turning within seems too simple.  Enlightenment has to be out there, up there, in the expansive sky.  And yet, inside is the 'worm hole' to the rest of the Universe.

As I sift through my decades of trainings and belief systems, I see sparks of Truth (and lost of distortion).

The spiritual organization I belonged to emphasized making energetic separations.  Clearing people out of your "Space" was a big deal.  Focusing on others invading your space is missing the point, however.  It's about focusing in your own center, which connects you to All-That-Is. Without merging, you can't fall in love.  Without separation, you can't fall in Love.

Another group I identified with emphasized reclaiming power from the illusion.  I AM the Power and Presence of God.  Everything else is made up.  Which is true and yet not true, it invalidates others, it has the residue of Ego running rampant just to prove nothing is real.  It always confused me, because I'm so highly telepathic, and I'll feel other people's emotional reactions (even if they're thousands of miles away).

Reality is real (in physical form).  Others are real, at this level.

I AM Consciousness, and so are You.  As you dissolve your perceptions, as you peel away the layers of your onion-personality, you become more You. 

You are unique, your journey is yours, your choices are your own.  It's your own road trip.  Whatever you do, how you do it, how you get there, you might as well enjoy the ride!

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