Friday, August 30, 2013

Dissolving Pain Pictures

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

We are walking picture galleries.  From the moment of conception, we're receiving and creating impressions from our environment.  We view the world through these images.

As children, we're clearer because we have less accumulated.  By the time we're adults, our hard drive is full.

The images have emotions attached to them.  They can be happy, but they also can be painful.  They distort our experience of life and cause disagreements.  All conflict is created by mismatching pictures.

We can release the emotions from these pictures, so that you can see reality clearly.

Some people don't want to let go of painful pictures because they think protects them from getting hurt again.  They actually perpetuate the hurt.

There's a few ways to release pain pictures.   You can imagine them popping and disappearing, like blowing bubbles.

Some people don't want to lose the information the pictures contain.  When you 'blow pictures', information automatically is stored in another part of your energy system.

Sometimes a picture doesn't easily pop, because of the amount of emotion attached.  Just imagine clipping the corner and letting the feelings drain out.  Then pop it.

You can blow pictures effortlessly as you go about your day.  You can play with ways to do it, like imagining a windshield wiper wiping them away like raindrops off a windshield.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Bug Zapper, a way for handling projected energy when interacting with others.  It's just a way of dissolving pain pictures, ones you may receive as well as ones you may give out.

Somebody misunderstood my Bug Zapper technique.  They thought it was a way to 'block out' emotions, internally and externally.  It's more sophisticated than that.

When you shield yourself from external input, you're creating a wall of resistance that energy actually sticks against.  It's the difference between fly paper and Bug Zappers.

When you're trying not to feel something, you do things to numb out.  With the Bug Zapper, it takes the energy that is coming out of you (or coming towards you) and zaps it, not pushes it back or sticks it in your aura.  It releases it.

The more you dissolve pain pictures, the lighter you feel.  You perceive reality more clearly.  You become less reactive and more responsive.  It's easier to love, when you've released pain.  You may find yourself losing weight (often stuck pain) and gaining abundance (you've opening space to receive more).

Try one or any of these techniques for the next 7 days and see what happens!

Do you have other ways for dissolving pain pictures?

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