Friday, September 6, 2013

IGOR personality

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

The other day I was chatting to myself and a negative thought slipped in.  I laughed and meant to say, "oh that ego!"  Instead, I heard myself say, "oh, that Igor!" And I thought, what a great name for it.  

Igor Personality
Our ego-personalities develop as we grow; they accumulate impressions about the world, adjust to the expectations of our culture and our family.  They give us recognition in the world, and help us navigate through it.  They're supposed to help Us as Spirit manifest our creations but as we mature, we become disconnected.  We stop communicating and our ego-personality starts driving.

Ego takes us places to fulfill its needs.  It may be to partners that our parents would approve of, and socially acceptable career choices.  Or it may drive us to other places when it feels it will be better taken care of.

It runs around trying to fill the emptiness it feels inside.  But the loneliness it feels comes from the disconnection between it and You.  It isn't happy with those outside solutions.  It wants You to come in and take the steering wheel.

Igor - Cheerful Assistant
Like a teenager that's had unlimited use of the family car, it may be reluctant to hand the keys over.  It may not want to let go of those behaviors and compulsions that it had been using to fill the void.  It may think it will die if it surrenders control.

Everything changes when you shift your relationship with it.  The ego isn't something to battle, it's not something to get rid of.  It's something to communicate with, and it actually likes instruction.

If you are in the midst of making a big life transition, let it know what is going on.  Reassure it that you'll be there, that it won't be going through it alone.  Comfort it with warm baths and favorite foods.  Take it for walks. Let it feel loved and cherished.

Ask it to help you when you need to go into social situations (it has collections of memory files on such things).  Tell it what your goals are, get its cooperation in going where you want to go.  When it realizes that it's needs will be met by You, it stops struggling.  When resistance is released, you'll find increased creativity and flows of abundance.

This week, every day if you can, communicate with your body.  You can talk to it as you're falling asleep, or when you're waking up.  You can meditate.  You can journal ('daily pages' are a wonderful tool).

Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

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