Thursday, September 19, 2013

Onward and Upward

©2013 Joan Newcomb

I feel like I just had a colossal bellyflop.  I was so excited to offer Manifesting Money & Miracles, that I forgot about growth periods.

Growth periods are times of expansion.  Whenever you embark upon something new, you experience a growth period.  Life is a growth period.  And birthdays, grades in school, graduations, starting school, falling in love, getting married, starting work, ending work, getting sick, getting healthy, getting divorced, they're all growth periods.

A growth period happens when you as Essence decides to a step forward upon your path.  There's no time or space as Spirit, so if you think of it, you as Essence are already there.  Your body exists in time and space, so it's confronted with having to grow and change in order to catch up.

Growth periods can be exhilarating, they can also be challenging.  You may desperately want to already be at the end point, but your body-personality has to trudge along to get there.  The end point isn't the point, anyway. It's the experience of the journey.

Manifesting Money & Miracles is full of really fun techniques that I've used and taught over the years.  I anticipated it to be effortless and easy.  So I was surprised when seeming hurdles and interference arose.  And, working on the material, I was surprised to revisit levels of experiences that I've already been through.

Looking back, I slap my forehead and say, 'Of course!'' Family members showed up in my experience who've had challenges with abundance.  I've worked through family patterns, historical issues threading back to the Great Depression and also to the 1800's.  People in my immediate sphere reflecting resistance and avoidance to their own growth and expansion.  And, finally, circumstances arose that effected my original schedule, so it's either going to be reoffered on a different day and time, or maybe in a different form.  I'm still meditating on what's best to do.

As we expand in Consciousness, we'll find ourselves seeming to repeat old phases of growth.  It can be disheartening to think we've slid back.  In actuality, we're at a new level.  It may seem like high school again, but it's really growth period 401.  Or graduate level growth period.

As Consciousness we already know all of this, but it's new for our body-personalities. Our egos (Igors?) don't like growth periods.  They like the familiar, even if it's limiting and uncomfortable.  New beginnings, or unknowns, are scary to it.  As Consciousness, it's all exciting and fun.

So if you feel like you're stuck in an old pattern, don't be too hard on yourself.  You might actually have peeled away the surface layer and are cleaning up what's underneath.  It's not one step back,  two steps forward.  It's a new flight and a new landing.

It's an opportunity for you to make different choices and create different outcomes.

A playful thing to do this week, if you feel like it, is to step forward, or sideways, or turn around.  As you do so, you're stepping into different Universes, different possibilities.  Do it spontaneously, do it with intention, do it without anticipation, it's all good.  Play with it throughout the week, and see what happens!

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