Friday, October 4, 2013

Unseen Help

Unseen Help ©2013 Joan Newcomb

I have houseguests this week.  They don't eat anything and are very quiet.  But they're having quite an impact.  They are making things happen.

Their names are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Metatron.  No, they aren't the new version of Ninja Turtles, nor are they another boy band.  They're Archangels.

Michael protects and defends, brings strength and courage, helps during a crises, brings comfort and warmth.  I'm familiar with his energy, as he's the guardian angel of lightbringers.

Raphael brings compassion, joy and laughter.  Gabriel clears confusion, solves problems, and gives guidance for the future.  Uriel brings wisdom, transformation, and tranquility.  Metatron teaches people to use their spiritual power for good.  [I wasn't as familiar with these guys, so I got these definitions off of].

I'm participating in the hosting of Archangels, started in New York in 2010.  They stay with me for 5 days, help raise and re-align the energy, fulfill 3 wishes, then go out to 3 other homes.

Which is all very fun, I'm curious to see how the wishes get fulfilled.  It's nice having them, as we're looking at moving, which can be challenging.  I'd put out the request that the next couple months be serene and stress free, and the opportunity to host these folks arose.

However, we have unseen helpers around us at all times.  They're easy to access, they come when called.  You don't have to have an altar, or a ritual, unless it helps you to make their existence real.  You can call them by Saints' names, you can call them Devas, you can call them by their qualities.

The important thing to know is that you're never alone, they're always available.  They're usually subtle, but sometimes not.  They're as easy to talk to as if they were on a cell phone.  You may not hear them audibly, but sometimes get thoughts in your head, or notice unusual things.

A simple way to validate communication is to sit quietly with paper & pen, write a question, and jot down what you think they're saying to you.  When you read it over, you know you couldn't have made it up.

What are they, are they real?  Are they ascended beings?  Are they created by our collective focus?

The answer is - yes.

This week, if you'd like to, call on the Unseen to help you with something.  You can do it spontaneously, you can make it a daily focus.  Whatever you feel like doing.  And see what happens.

And if you'd like to have my 5 amigos visit you, let me know.  I need two more "host families".

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