Friday, October 11, 2013

Nerves of Steel

Nerves of Steel ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

There are times that require nerves of steel.  This time seems one of them.  In the US we're experiencing a 'government shutdown' that have millions of people out of work and is threatening to ripple effect the global economy.

I was researching real estate tax the other day and decided to call the IRS (my go-to folks for all things tax related), and their voice mail said they were closed.  The entire Internal Revenue Service?!?!  DC must be a ghost town.

Anyway, people I know are facing economic challenges, health challenges, relationship challenges, career challenges.

Usually when something BIG looms upon you, it's the time to have nerves of steel.

If you walk right up to it, lean right into it, it either diminishes, dissipates, or you move through it to the other side.

Years ago I had a severe health challenge, and Western Medicine loomed upon me, with surgery being the only option offered.  I got right to the deadline, and decided to go completely alternative.  Started acupuncture, herbs, sent my photo to John of God.  Within a month I began recovering.

The bigger the entity, the larger the illusion.  As Spirit, you are larger than all that which is outside you.  
Sometimes something is coming your way that you don't want to happen.  When my first marriage ended, I did not want to lose the house my children were born in. I did not want them to lose it even more.  First I lost, seemingly everything.  Then they lost their home.  We may not have recreated the family home since then, but we've created rich and valuable experiences.

At the point of no return, it's helpful to lean in and not resist. The abyss becomes a waterslide, the ride takes you to somewhere else on your journey.  The you now, or the you before the leap (or push) cannot imagine what's coming.  As Spirit, you planned the whole thing.

When you are in agreement with your Essence, big changes become easy.

Once I was riding the ferry, and a perfect rainbow appeared on the Sound before us.  It looked as if we were going to go right through the arch.  But as we moved forward, so did it.  By the time we got to the dock, the rainbow had gone up the hill in front of us.

Sometimes what you are changing seems illusive, like a rainbow.  But stay focused on your route. When you step off the boat and onto the ground, you'll find what you'd been chasing may have been a fantasy.  But it took you to a reality bigger than you could have dreamt.

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