Friday, October 18, 2013

Spiritual Renovating

Spiritual Renovating ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Today was a Full Moon lunar eclipse, making 3x as powerful as a regular Full Moon.  It was also the beginning of a new cycle of eclipses.  Eclipses bring sudden changes, new beginnings, abrupt endings.  They happen every six months (a Full Moon lunar eclipse followed by a New Moon solar eclipse), but they run in two year astrological cycles.

What this means is that each one of us has the opportunity to expand and to transform our lives.

Years ago I noticed that about every two years I'd go through a huge growth period.  It seemed like the scaffolding of my life would give way and everything would collapse, revealing my life's faulty foundation.  Eventually, the collapse wouldn't be quite as complete, validating that I was building a stronger base as time went on.

I see these growth experiences as a form of spiritual remodeling.  We decide we want to expand, and spiritually we're already there.  But our bodies are still limited by the old belief structures.  They have to give way for new expression.

We forget that we're constantly calling in new experiences.  It's like lying in bed wishing you had a skylight overhead, and a master bathroom with a jacuzzi and separate shower.  And then waking up in the morning to find contractors tramping through your house, a hold in the ceiling and your water turned off!

Life does that, it seems.  Things happen to you and you forget that you asked for it (in some way).  You didn't ask to be laid off from work, but you'd felt unhappy and restricted in your job yet wouldn't risk leaving it in this economy.  You didn't ask for your marriage to fail, but you knew that another decade of lies and dishonesty would make you completely insane.  You didn't ask to get sick, but you spent ten, fifteen, twenty years taking care of everyone but yourself.

The thing to remember is, it's getting better.  The contractors will leave, the water will get turned on again, and you'll be in a brand new living experience.

Growth is good, it's an opportunity to become more fully yourself.  And you, You are magnificent.

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