Friday, October 25, 2013

Resisting Authority

Resisting Authority ©2013 Joan Newcomb

We're in a whopping Mercury Retrograde period.  The US Government shut down during it's foreshadowing phase, Facebook had a "universal glitch" on Monday (the day it officially went retrograde), people are experiencing miscommunications, computer problems, setbacks and delays.

This Mercury Retrograde is exceptionally emotional, as well.

We're feeling frustrated, we feel like things outside of ourselves are affecting our reality.  It's bringing up everyone's resistance to authority.

When we're dealing with authority issues, it always goes straight to our earliest experience with authority - our parents.  Usually we hit early childhood, when we first experienced autonomy from them, so began to feel limits imposed, and discovered we weren't the center of the Universe (in the physical reality storyline).

Core power issues always go back to that age/time.

How we were loved, nurtured and cared for back then, influences how we experience our world now.  Do we trust we'll be taken care of?  Do we feel it's a benevolent Universe?

As we get older, and our parents get older, we have the opportunity to let go of our past experiences with them as authority figures. We get to become our own parents.  Our parents are/were human.

Banks and hospitals and corporations are faceless entities.  They embody morphic fields of our collective, cultural and societal beliefs.  It's our own projections that make things happen, it's our own reactions we can control.

The part of us that feels powerless is our inner two year old.  Our Essential Self is ageless.  When you shift your perspective *as* your Essential Self, when you realize it is You creating everything, you stop resisting.

We are the ultimate authority within our own space, we are senior, in our own sphere of influence.  We have choices.

When you respond from your inner authority, it becomes much easier to deal with bankers, doctors, lawyers.

Whatever has happened up to this moment is our creation, whatever is about to happen is your creation.  You are at choice with all of it.

Notice I said 'at choice', not 'in control'.  When we try to control our reality, we end up trying to control the other players in our storyline.  Controlling puts the power outside of you.  It's the ego (igor) personality that needs control.

As Essence there's no need to control anything, it's all just a lovely ride.

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bruce said...


I have been receiving your weekly newsletters since April 2008 and they have always been pertinent and so ably written as I have followed your life, news and knowledge for these 5.5 yrs!!! I have never written before and I just wanted you to know that I have found your newsletter excellent all these years!! Love and Light, Bruce