Friday, November 1, 2013

Souls and Saints

Saints and Souls ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Yesterday was Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve.  Today is All Saints' Day and tomorrow is All Souls' Day (the day I'd assume would have ghosts, but perhaps yesterday was the day for goblins).

To me, it's a time when there's an energetic 'thinning of the veil' between worlds.  When a friend of mine died ten years ago, I got the insight that we live in a spiral of time and those that have passed are moving along a different spiral.  Every once in a while these spirals touch, and you feel the departed more acutely.

Last week I did an all reading and healing radio show and had a record number of callers.  Most of them asked about deceased loved ones (which is rarely the case).  I think it's because we're heading into the holidays.  Holidays and anniversaries are also 'thin veil' times.

So no wonder most of us are thinking about our family members that have passed.  We're feeling them around us more, albeit unconsciously.

What's the difference between Saints and Souls and ghouls and ghosts?  They're all non-physical entities.  Saints and Souls and ghosts have had physical forms.  Ghosts, I feel, are the remains of the personality energy of a departed soul, although the true soul-essence has moved on.

Saints are both the essence of a being who once lived and also the collective focus of a quality that the saint embodied.  They carry both the experience, deeds and actions from their lifetime that made them sainted, and also encompass the major attributes of everyone's intentions towards them in the years since they've been canonized.

What's fun to notice is that Asian spiritual belief systems, also have entities that encompass major attributes.  We all acknowledge energetic archetypes.

By focusing on these Saints/Devas/Angels/Archetypes, we can have more of their personal qualities in our lives.  This focus may be prayer or meditations, but it's as effortless as journaling or talking outloud.

With Souls, I cannot emphasize enough how much they love to be talked to.  The moment they die, it seems, people stop acknowledging their existence!  They're constantly communicating with us, through coincidences and synchronicities, as well as thoughts and revelations.

It's as easy as talking on a cell phone, to communicate with dead people.  I recommend journaling what you perceive them saying to you, so you can look at it later and validate you couldn't have made it up.  The more you do it, the stronger your ability will be, and the more confidence you'll have.

Although I've stopped doing regular readings, so I could focus on my Conscious Mastery coaching business, I've decided to open my schedule for a few of them during this holiday period.  If you'd like to take advantage of this time and book a reading with me, email me today!

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