Friday, November 8, 2013

Doom And Gloom

Doom And Gloom ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

I'm in the midst of moving this weekend but wanted to get a quick blogpost/Ezine article out to you all.

Was talking with someone today who was quite saddened by a report they'd read about the Fukishima Reactor polluting the Pacific Ocean.  It's really something to get depressed about.  All the sea life is being irradiated, so it's not safe to eat.
Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!

But that wasn't all, there's also predictions of mass destruction and loss of life, in the billions, because 3D reality is falling away.

As I was reading the report they'd forwarded, it reminded me of a newsletter I used to receive by snail mail in the 1980's, by someone who accurately predicted earthquakes around the ring of fire.  What was interesting is, they'd say there'd be an earthquake in South America, then one in California, then one in in the Northwest, then Alaska, and so on.  And there would be earthquakes in most of these places at the time he predicted it would happen.

What I'd notice is, around the time it was predicted for Seattle, everyone I'd know would go into these huge growth spaces.  And as we all worked through our 'stuff', there would be no earthquake.

The times there were earthquakes, were times I noticed us collectively staying stuck.

However, this same snail mail earthquake predicted that the coast of California would fall into the sea and that most of the Western US would be under water by 2001.

Huh.  Guess that didn't happen.

And remember Y2K.  That didn't happen, either.

December 21, 2012?  I was all excited about that.  I still think we've stepped into a huge, new growth space, with heightened sensitivity and awareness.  But I never believed, as some did, that an enormous percentage of the population would perish.

People die, but people are always dying.  People are being born at the same time.

When you have a narrow focus, you see things in black and white.  Body-personalities take things very seriously.  It's all life and death to them, as they're not going to make it out of this lifetime alive!

From an expansive viewpoint, you see this world is all about creating and destroying.  It's a massive playground for bringing Awareness into form.

View things *as* your Essential Self, and things are far less dramatic, but far more expansive and serene.  Spirit transcends this lifetime, everything is amusing because it isn't going to die!

It doesn't mean bad things don't happen to good people, or groups of people don't decide to collectively transition.  But you view life as fun creations.  The story lines are fun to play in.

When you choose to navigate your life from Consciousness, you are automatically in agreement with whatever is happening.  Even the worst circumstances turn into blessings.

You realize that, in the midst of chaos, there's an infinite calm.  And that everything is very, very well.

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