Friday, December 20, 2013

3 Gifts to Bring for Christmas

Christmas PRESENCE ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

We're heading into the week of Christmas, for many folks a time of family gatherings.  It's when different individuals, each with their own experiences, expectations, and assumptions, converge.  It's supposed to be fun and loving, and sometimes it is.  For some, it can be downright traumatic!

What can you bring to these events?
Christmas Tree Star Cluster 

Here are 3 gifts you can give everyone, and yourself!


Holidays almost always throw us back into our past.  We can become little kids again, emotionally.  Little kids have no power, unless they're having a temper tantrum.  So either we act out (in some adult way, getting drunk, getting angry) or we 'act in' (getting depressed, paralyzed with emotion).

Make a conscious choice to remember a) how old you are now, b) what the current date is and c) how you've grown and matured, and everything you've learned since you were a kid.

You can also imagine bringing your energy from the past into Present Time, or bringing the energy of Present Time down through any room that you're in.


Spirit is amused, bodies take things seriously.  To spirit, everything is a game, for bodies, it's all life and death.  Amusement is a great way to step into instant neutrality.  Even in the most intense drama, there's always a part of your Consciousness that is retaining a sense of humor.  Tap into it, and you won't get triggered this year!

You can also imagine the energy of Amusement (I see it as bubbly and effervescent) in your own space, or filling the room.


This is another way to stay neutral, to become the observer.  You can view what's going on around you as if it were a movie (waiting for Chevy Chase to enter the scene at any moment)!

But there's a more powerful aspect to this than just being an observer.  It is bringing your PRESENCE in.  In to you, your physical form, and also bringing PRESENCE into the environment.

When you bring You, your own Presence into your space, you are allowing more of your Magnificence,  more of your Essence, who you truly are in to you and through you.  It is very empowering.

But it is even more transformational to bring PRESENCE into the room, simply by calling on it.  This is Consciousness, Universal Awareness, All-that-is, and is instantly accessible.

Bringing your own Presence in to you and through you can have a calming effect (on you and those around you).  Calling PRESENCE energy into the room (independent of your form) makes it available to everyone to tap into.  It allows everyone to step out of their own "stuff", helps them lighten up and be in the present moment.

The greatest gift for the holidays?  Christmas PRESENCE.

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