Friday, December 27, 2013

What is Divine Grace (and how can I get me some)?

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Different belief systems all talk about the concept of Grace.  The basic understanding is that it's an energy that transforms, that lifts you up from discomfort, that relieves you of past burdens.   They differ on how you get it.

Some believe you have to earn it, either through good works, abstaining, or suffering.  On the other hand, some believe it is a gift from God.

If it's a gift, do you still have to work for it, or is it randomly bestowed upon you?  That question alone it mired in the belief that it is something outside to be sought or given.

The energy of Grace is the energy of transformation.  Transformation changes everything instantaneously.

Everything is energy.  As Essence, you are pure energy, a high vibration that both transcends and somewhat embodies your physical form.  Bodies are dense energy, so are furniture, trees, things that seem solid and real.  Your emotions are energy, vibrational communication from your physical form.

Your personality is energy, it both an expression of your Essence, and an accumulation of projections, thoughts, impressions and concepts.

When you view things from body/personality, it appears that everything is happening to you.  Grace is bestowed from an external God.  It is dependant on good works, accruing good karma. It supposedly releases sins, transgressions, errors, actions and reactions that cause pain.

When you are in the Present moment, seeing things as Essence/Spirit, you Know that You *are* Grace.  Everything just is.  Denser vibrations settle to the ground.  What is left is expansiveness, clarity and Joy.

You can choose Grace, become willing for change to happen, or you can step into Present Time, but sometimes, Grace just happens.

When you're in the present moment, attuned to You as Essence, Grace is everywhere and everything.

Everything is perfect, just as it is.  The timing is always right, when you are in present time.

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