Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Obstacle Course of Life

©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

All sorts of astrological weather going on this month.  We've a Grand Cross of opposing patterns, and two eclipses, bringing sudden endings and sudden beginnings.  Like a weather report, these things may or may not have an effect on you directly, but it's helpful to know what energy influences are potentially out there.

You can use the eclipses to your advantage.  Just as some people like to set intentions at the full moon, eclipses hold the 3x the power of an ordinary moon, and have an impact of 6 months to 2 years.  You can ride the energy of manifestation and time your major expansions accordingly.

We are all at choice about the direction we are going in.  Nothing is happening 'to us', we are not victims of circumstances (unless we choose to be).  We are infinite beings, creating our reality through our thoughts and actions.  We encounter situations and people who appear to be at cross purposes with us, but we've created them in our lives.

For instance, last year I created classes in Manifesting Money and Miracles, and a following course in Power and Prosperity.  "Coincidentally" things occurred that may have seemed disastrous at the time, but in reality were miracles.  Situations happened that looked like losses, including financially, but in actually expenses went down, income went up, and things are turning out better than they have in decades.

There's a major power struggle going on within my 'sphere of influence', but the person or persons wielding the most external power are in actuality the most powerless.  The ones who appear to be the most affluent are operating with the most insecure behaviors.

It's interesting to look around the world and see some of the wealthiest people acting the least generous.  On the other hand there are billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates who are committed to giving 90% of their wealth away.

We navigate life through our perceptions, turning one way or another, which brings us towards different outcomes.  Consequences can be different, depending on our attitude and approach to them.

A number of people have reported being ill, some for a significant period of time.  I see that we all create illness for growth.  Sometimes it may be the result of spiritual changes, because as Spirit or Essence you become what you set your sights on, and it takes your body/personality time and space to catch up.  You raise Your vibration and your denser form needs to expand.

Getting sick is a reminder to take care of ourselves, to pay attention to our body, that resting is an activity, too.

I recently decided to stop doing some activities that were in actuality busywork or 'spinning my wheels' and my business increased.  I slowed down and surged forward.

All this illustrates that this planet is one of dichotomies.  We're light beings manifesting in Density and Effort.  Opposites are simultaneously happening all the time.

If you resist what is, it feels harder for you.  When you non-resist, it flows right by.

Life may seem like an obstacle course, but it's exactly what you've created to get where you're going.

This week, just go with the flow and see what happens!

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