Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easy Peasy Manifesting

We're coming up to a New Moon eclipse, so this is a powerful time for manifestation.  The energy is building for things to happen, new doors to open, sudden new beginnings.  Set intentions, visualize ideal outcome, and catch the wave!

How do you make something happen?  There are lots of ways.  The good old fashioned way is elbow grease.  You decide what you want, make a plan, take action, don't lose focus.  You use a lot of effort, and make it happen.

The New Age Woo-Woo way is to make a vision board, recite affirmations, journal about it, spend 17 seconds each day visualizing it, ask Source Energy and allow it to happen.  You use consistent focus and a lot of faith.

Other energy ways are, put it in a pink bubble (or balloon) and let it go, go to the parallel universe where you already have it, use a 'tractor beam' to bring it to you, see yourself with it and let your current energy match that.  You can also run energy of prosperity, abundance, miracles, etc.

All ways are valid.  So why isn't everyone walking around with their soul mates holding winning lottery tickets?  They may be (they just haven't stepped into the parallel universe where they realize it)!

There's an additional component, I think, that most people miss.  You have to be in your body.  If you're not home when the Universal Prosperity Service shows up, you miss receiving the delivery.

If you're out there in the realm of thoughts and dreams, whatever you want remains a concept or a fantasy.  Even if it does manifest, it doesn't last long, because you're not in your body to have it.

Reality needs an anchor point.  Actually, reality IS an anchor point.  You're bringing thought energy into physical form, it needs to become dense in order for it to show up.

There are some energy workers that are wonders in the level of light and love, but they can't change their own reality.  They struggle for material abundance, never find their soul mate, or remain physically unhealthy.

There are some creative artists that are tremendously talented, but they can't finish a piece of work.  They get wonderful ideas, they even start some, and are never able to finish anything.

We are *all* wonderful, creative, talented, infinitely capable manifestors. We manifested our individual body, we're manifesting all aspects of our lives, good and bad, down to the smallest detail.

For the stuff you want, are you keeping it from happening?  Do you dwell in the realm of ideas?  Is what you want remaining a thought form?  Have you confused intellect with energy (or Spirit)?

Theory takes action, otherwise it remains a concept.  Manifestation requires embodiment.  You have to be willing to show up in your body, in your life, to have what you want show up as well!

We don't like to come into our bodies when they're in pain.  But when we're not in our bodies, we feel uncomfortable!

So if there's something you want to manifest, start within yourself! Bring You into your body, enjoy physical reality.  Fill your body with Yourself, your magnificent Self, and watch (and feel) the miracles occur!

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