Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dirty Thoughts

This is still a powerful time for setting your intentions, creating your visions, and making choices to bring them into reality.  What kind of choices are you making?  From what space are you making them?

Manifesting through reality paradigms.  A fancy, schmancy way of saying, you can't paint with old oils (or watercolors).  Or an old paint brush!

You can set any number of intentions, make vision boards up the wazoo, recite affirmations until the cows come home, but if you remain in the same energy patterns, then you'll always create the same outcomes.

You can even 'do a geographic', move to another city, change your looks, change jobs, change friends, but if your core pictures don't reset, you'll stay the same.

It doesn't matter what seeds you plant, if they're going in cement and watered with vinegar, you're not going to grow anything.

What creates fertile soil?  What creates growth?

Do something different, anything different.  You can start with microsteps.  Drive a different route to work.  Wear a different color than you're used to wearing.

After you pour your morning coffee, set the timer to 5 minutes, put the phone or tablet down, close your eyes and breathe.  Listen to sounds.  Feel sensations in your body.

I know a couple who, after they moved to a different city to retire, spent a week using their non-dominant hands to do things, whether it was to pick up the coffee cup in the morning, hold the phone to their ear, open doors, etc.  It was a way of resetting their experience in a new environment.

Microsteps are great ways to create new habits.  Set the timer to 15 minutes and clear the clutter in your office.  Stop when the timer goes off, and move to a different room (unless you're on a roll, then stay where you are).

I know two different authors who prolifically write books by microstepping.  One works 30 minutes at a time regardless of her busy schedule.  One has multiple books going at once and writes on whichever one moves her at the moment.

You have to bypass your brain.  It was your stinking thinking that got you into a rut in the first place.  Dirty thoughts create a murky reality.

Haven't given an assignment for a while: For the next 7 days, make different choices every day.  And see what happens!

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