Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sea Changes

Sea Changes ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

I've been pondering evolutionary vs. instantaneous change.  Evolutionary change happens over time, you sometimes don't even notice it until you look back and realize you have become completely different. One thing happens after another, you respond or react, and you grow.

Instantaneous change is when your life changes in an instant.  You look into the eyes of your newborn child.  You win the lotto.  There's a tragic accident or natural disaster.

Growth is always happening, even if things appear stuck.  Stuckness grows, it just increases in density. Things may appear frozen, but many things are germinating beneath the surface (or in the unseen).

We like things to be easy and effortless, we want our changes to be pain-free.  Do you wait for the bandage to fall off, or do you rip it off?

Moving forward or staying still, are both actions.  Letting things happen or making things happen are both choices.

Accidents, disasters, sudden changes, are opportunities for growth and depth.  They can bring out the best in you, if you remain conscious.

You may not be able to control the event, but you can set your intention.  You may not know what's unfolding, nor how you'll get through it.  But you have access within you to the Cosmic Internet of all knowledge.

You are flowing in a current of the sea of life.  Sometimes you can pull up the oars and go with it, sometimes you need to paddle not to drift off course.  Sometimes a storm tosses you and takes you somewhere unexpected, to your next leg of your journey.

It's a waste of energy to complain about what's happening.  Resistance creates more of what you're resisting.  Complaining depletes creative resources.

You can't stop the ocean, you don't really want to.  Embrace the adventure.  When you look at the big picture, it's all supporting you to get where you want to grow.

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