Friday, September 12, 2014

Being Bigger

Being Bigger ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

We are in a time of expansion, and we are all being called to be bigger.  That means, greater than our problems, larger than our labels, more than what we think of ourselves to be.

The other day I had a profound revelation.  My original metaphysical training taught that we are Spirit in a body.  The focus was on grounding the body so it could handle Your higher vibration.  Like electricity running through a lamp.

That alone seems enormous.  That as Spirit we are infinite, all knowing, and we're squeezing into this itty bitty body of density and effort.  And outside the body radiates our aura.  So it comes from the inside and radiates out from it.

Now, over time, I've evolved to greater awarenesses about this.  For instance, this isn't your only lifetime just as this isn't your only body.  As Consciousness there is no time or space, so all of your lifetimes are happening at once.

I also see that body isn't separate from Spirit.  It's a spectrum of vibration, with Consciousness being the most expansive and diffuse, focusing into body being the most dense and concentrated.

Then I heard, 'we are a being with a body inside'.

Think about it.  WE are a BEING with a body INSIDE.  Imagine your awareness expanding around your body.  YOU are the energy, and within you have created a denser form.

It's shifted the perspective from up and down (Spirit is up, coming down into body), or in and out (you're in your body or out of your body).   You don't have to squeeze yourself into form, you are not just inhabiting the body,  you encompass it.

You can perceive from within it, as in viewing out from the eyes, feeling from within the form, but you can also perceive the edges of your aura or energy field.

It's not that you are everything and everything is you, even though at the most expanded sense of Consciousness you are.  I am noticing definitions - for instance, I will feel the emotional state of someone else 3,000 or 9,000 miles away (and this will be verified by their email or facebook post).  I am not in their reality, but am feeling their reaction to what's going on for them.

How does this change of perspective change things? I'm noticing things show up in my experience having a greater connection to themes I'm dealing with.  The German Shepherd next store will lunge over the fence when I'm processing issues around boundaries, anger, aggression. An ambulance will show up for the elderly lady down the street right after a discussion with my husband about our mothers dying.  Nothing is random any more, it only appears because there is a connection, because something is clearing.

What would it be life for you if you were bigger than your problems?  How would it feel if you were the most powerful person inside your reality?  If anything you ever needed to know could be accessed from your own inner wisdom?

This is what it is like to navigate life from Conscious Mastery.  Let these questions float along with you this week, and try this subtle shift of awareness, and see what happens!

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