Friday, December 19, 2014

Make It So.

Make It So ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

This weekend we have the Solstice and, for the Northern Hemisphere, a time in nature when things seem to go dormant.  In reality, all the activity is taking place underground.  Seeds are germinating.  Soil mulched in Fall is creating the perfect environment for growth, under Winter's freezing temperatures.

In Nature, the energy of Creation is on the architectural level.  The Devas are planning the next season.  It's a powerful time to set intentions, because you have more oomph than just the New Moon.  You can send your wish list out to be worked on, and you can create through intention your entire next year.

If you do this, then next Spring fasten your seat belts!  You will find your life accelerating at the Equinox, which is when the Devic level connects with the level of form.  If you're co-creating a garden with Nature, this is the time to pull out the seed catalogues and consult with the Deva of your garden.

However, your life is your garden.  Your work is your garden, your family is your garden, the same principles apply.  Pull out your journal and have "staff meetings" with the non-physical.  Or "family meetings".

Just as plants have Devas, wherever there's a gathering of people, a communal focusing, there's an overarching Deva.  Countries have Devas, cities have Devas.  You have a Deva of your business, as well.  You have unseen help in creating your desires.

You don't have to know *how* you're going to create or manifest something.  Devas set that in motion.  In fact you don't even have to know exactly *what* it is you want to manifest.  You can know the feeling.  Happiness, contentment, security, excitement.  Love.

Vision boards are effective if the images provoke emotions.

Devas are the architects of Nature.  When you build a house, it's helpful to have an architect, he'll design something that won't collapse, that will withstand storms and earthquakes.  He'll make it esthetically pleasing, and consider details you wouldn't have thought of.  He'll facilitate it getting made much more quickly than if you sat down to work on your own, or without a plan.

Work in partnership with your Deva, trust they have your best interest at heart.  Have patience, because things will unfold with Divine Timing. You'll be amazed at what gets created, it will be better than you could have possibly manifested on your own!

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