Friday, December 26, 2014

The Transformation Game

The Transformation Game ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I facilitated The Transformation Game™  as a workshop.  I was trained by the women who invented the Game, seventeen years ago.  It was good to reconnect with the Deva of Transformation, and the Angels and qualities of the game.

Life itself is a game of transformation, which we all take too seriously at times.  When you are too serious about Life, you can become rigid, unbending, limited in your thinking.  You miss inspiration, opportunity, and different possibilities available to you.

A tool I use to navigate is to ask if it's limiting, or opening, judgemental or neutral (or amused).  Is it fearful, or enthusiastic?  Is it resentful or forgiving?

Anything contracted is a body/personality level distortion.  It's bottom of the fish tank thinking.  It's fighting with the scenery (to mix metaphors).  Anything expansive is from Consciousness.  It's outside the hologram, it's from your Highest Essence.

Life is an interactive game, although you have your own playing path.  You have your path, others have their paths, yet there's opportunity to share blessings, to help each other out, to co-create miracles.  If you try to play the game by yourself, unreceptive to help, you won't get very far.

Playing by yourself is like living in a house with no mirrors.  If you get depressed or in too much pain, you lose your Awareness, and can't move forward.

You can benefit from other's experience and wisdom, as much (or even more) than they benefit from yours.

Yes, ultimately we're all One, we are all Consciousness, this reality is an illusion, but when you're in this reality, other people are real.  Their vibration is different.  You can track their energy and emotion from 6,000 miles away.  On the physical level,  they have different personalities, reactions, and motives.

When you can trust in your Inner Being, in your own Consciousness, you can allow others to help you move forward.  You'll gain insights you'd never normally uncover.

You are bigger than your setbacks.  Life deals low blows, but as Consciousness you are greater than any obstacle you may encounter.  You can deal with the pain of setbacks by using your Awareness.  Awareness shines light and makes the darkness disappear.

Be open to your intuition, and act on it.  Life may give you intuitive hits whether to go forward or not, and the Universe will definitely give you feedback if you're open to it.

Be flexible, make room for miracles, be willing to shift gears and even reverse if necessary.

Whatever phase of life you move through, allow for completion.  Reflect on your learning, release what's no longer useful, give thanks and go forward.

And, know you are not alone.  Unseen help is at your fingertips or on the edge of your mind.    Miracles are available when you least expect it.  Be open and receptive and you'll be amazed what transforms!

This week, play life as a Game of Transformation.  Everyone around you are equal players (whether they acknowledge it or not).  Approach everything as a potential insight or setback.  Use greater awareness to navigate.

Connect and communicate to the Deva (Angel) of Transformation every day.  You'll be amazed what changes in one week!

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